DeMolay Commandery No. 9

Knights Templar of Ohio



Meetings and Important Dates:


November 16, 7:30 PM - Stated Meeting

We will present the Illustrious Order of the Red Cross

and the Order of Malta this evening for two candidates.

Please come join us and help us continue to spread 

Templary in Ohio. (We have non-speaking parts that

need to be filled... no talking, promise)


December 21, 7:30 PM  - Stated Meeting

This is our annual Christmas observance. All are welcome to 

join us in this celebration of the season. There will 

be a potluck supper at 6:00 PM to start the evening. 

There will be cookies and possibly a 

gift exchange ($10 or less) after the meeting.


 Don Weller, Eminent Commander


 Kenneth B. Foy, Recorder - (419) - 447-7078